As usual, we’re always trying new things with our eating habits in the Shove family. Every once in a while we stumble upon something that is really great, and it becomes a part of our long-term routine. Our most recent “find?” Shakeology!

A friend of ours, Leah Case, is a coach for Beachbody, a company that sells workouts (like Insanity) and nutrition products (like Shakeology). Leah has made a total body transformation over the past few years and has found a passion for health. Curious as to what her secret was, I contacted her and shortly thereafter ordered a bag of chocolate Shakeology. Oh. My. Gosh.

It’s delicious! I’m a big smoothie lover, and although this powder has about a bajillion healthy ground-up fruits and veggies in it, all you can taste is the chocolate. I’ve tried about half a dozen of the recipes they send along and have found my favorite few to add to my regular routine. Although it’s not organic, there’s no weirdo chemicals in Shakeology. In fact, although a lot of people use it for weight loss, it’s really about health. After a month of drinking Shakeology once a day, I felt great, energetic, lighter, healthier all over (and, yes, I lost weight). I thought to myself that perhaps it was a placebo effect (since I was doing something “healthy” for myself), but when I made a dumb error in ordering my second bag and went TWO WEEKS without Shakeology, I realized that it really was making a significant difference in how I felt. I joked with Leah that I was like a crack addict, eager each day to see if my order was going to be delivered! Ha!

I usually make my shake for lunch, while Emma Vance happily eats her bananas and cheese. She hated the sound of the blender at first, crying at the loud noise, but now it’s part of her lunch routine. I did a little research, since E.V. (who is curious about all foods nowadays) started whining and indicating that she wanted to have some of my shake while we ate lunch together. Since there’s no “junk” in it, I decided to let her have a taste–and she was hooked. Now she has tiny little bites all throughout her meal, happy to be sharing Mom’s grown-up food. As for me, I’m excited to get a few more healthy things into her growing body, all the while under the guise of her being able to have a sweet dessert. (I kinda’ love the idea of her growing up thinking that Shakeology is a “milkshake”…)

Over the past month I’ve had a lot of people ask me about Shakeology, and since then a lot of them have ordered it. Their reaction has been the same across the board: “It’s so awesome, I crave it now!” I don’t get a commission, or a “cut,” or anything like that. I really just love this stuff that much! Curious about it? They’ve got sample packs you can order as a trial (although, really who wouldn’t just choose chocolate?!?). Just click here to read more about Shakeology and to support Leah’s venture into working for herself (while taking care of 1.5 kids!). It’s totally worth it–and even a baby approves!

Shakeology mustache (and nose)!
Emma Vance is one happy customer. Me, too. :)

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