Sunday’s Seven (Week 26)


179 / 365: HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, EMMA VANCE! (Our family tradition of nap time balloon surprises continues!) 


180 / 365: Emma Vance and Cricket get to pick out one toy each to celebrate E.V.’s birthday! 


181 / 365: Quietly playing Barbies with our friend…in between fighting over Barbie’s baby, which is a hot commodity of a toy apparently. ;) 


182 / 365: Cricket enjoys her Robek’s Strawberry Sipper, a summertime favorite around here. (Two minutes later she spit out her taste of my beet juice, creating her own little bloody crime scene. I didn’t blame her much; it’s pretty gross, haha!) 


183 / 365: Our pediatrician gives E.V. a clean bill of health — followed by four shots. Yay and ouch!


184 / 365: E.V. enjoys her Scuttle cupcake at Ryan’s mom’s barbecue.


185 / 365: Emma Vance gets her first-ever busted lip at our neighborhood’s inaugural dive-in movie.

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