Three Weeks Down

E.V. and Mermie!

Today Emma Vance is three weeks old, and so I thought I’d take a quick minute to post an update on what’s new in her world.

We went to the pediatrician on Tuesday as a follow up to our ER visit. As I mentioned earlier, I was unsure if she really┬áhad pink eye since it seemed to come and go so quickly; however we opted to continue using the eye drops just in case…which resulted in a small rash around her eye beginning Sunday night. So I made a mom decision and quit the eye drops and made an appointment to see her primary doctor. The good news? No pink eye. The bad news? A blocked tear duct. We have to massage her little nose and eye for a couple of weeks to help it along, but no major concerns from the doctor.

When we visited the pediatrician’s office, we weighed our little girl in, and she’s continuing to gain weight. Yay! At 20 days old, she came in at 9 lbs. 4 oz., which we were excited to hear (i.e. one less thing to worry about).

E.V.’s beginning to spend a lot more time awake, which has been fun for us. She already has a distinct personality, and it’s super easygoing and full of humor. She recognizes the dogs, especially Oscar since he won’t leave her side, and often reaches for his beard and nose. (So cute.) She’s still on a flexible schedule naturally (thank goodness!), and only wakes up once at night to eat. Yesterday we received a present in the mail including a little finger puppet we named “Mermie,” and she’s been fascinated with it at playtime. (So cute again.) We’ve also begun to notice certain physical traits that we can attribute to either Ryan or me–including her hair(style), which as demonstrated in this picture, is clearly from Ryan! (Do they have the same stylist? I swear…) Overall, she’s still a pretty easy baby so far and a total joy to be around!

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  1. July 20, 2012 / 2:16 am

    I came across your blog address (that I had typed into the notes app on my phone when I ran into y’all at BuyBuy Baby a few months ago) & thought I’d check in on the new parents! First of all…love her name & the family connection. Secondly…she’s adorable. Thirdly…

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