Life moves too quickly for me these days. Really that’s what this blog is about–trying to write down all the little moments of worth remembering so that they have permanence in a fleeting world…

My husband, Ryan, and I met in college at the University of Georgia. It was friendship at first sight, and a year into knowing one another we began the process of becoming one and haven’t looked back since. This blog really is the story of our lives, now almost two decades since that first date. We’re happily married and living in suburban America, in the heart of the South. Ryan works for himself doing film and video (and he’s pretty darn talented, if I do say so myself), and I, well…that’s a bit more complicated. In a nutshell, I wrangle our little ladies (Emma Vance and Cricket), our dog (Birdie), and Ryan — who, yes, even at 30+ years old still needs wrangling — and casually indulge my inner-artist with graphic design work (after the kids are asleep, of course). Ryan’s work requires him to travel a lot, so I’m half solo parent, half stay-at-home mom, half working mom (and, yes, three halves do make a whole in this case)¬†and life just seems to get more complicated as time passes.

So join me, won’t you? I hope you enjoy peeking in on these little moments–whether they be funny or beautiful¬†(or, as it oftentimes seems, BOTH), because, well, aren’t those the best kind of moments to remember?


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