21 Weeks Pregnant

We had our 20 week appointment last Thursday, and everything looks great. The anatomy scan showed the baby looks like it’s developing normally and on-track, and for that we’re praising God. It also showed that we’re having another GIRL! Yay!!!

This pregnancy has been a whole different experience than my first, so I had convinced myself we were having a boy. It’s strange, though, because I’ve never once thought of anything “boy” this time around. In my head I’ve been planning Girl Nursery Part II, secretly aching to buy tiny newborn girl clothes and doodling our girl name, but I had just chalked all that up to my already having a girl. Perhaps my subconscious knows more than I give it credit for?!?

I’m sure I have a million thoughts about this whole “two girls” thing, but both Ryan and I ended up catching the stomach super bug this weekend that Emma Vance had on Friday, so my brain hasn’t quite processed the reality of adding another little lady to our family yet. What I do know is that I’m super pumped to be able to get more use out of E.V.’s wardrobe and am even more excited at the thought of Emma Vance having a built-in best friend to grow up alongside. What else I know is that I’m soooo glad to be over this bug. Whoa. That was rough. :)

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