A Ladybug Birthday!

Dressed up for our friend Kensleigh’s SECOND birthday party today…

…and the same party last year. My how we’ve changed!

Last year about this time, E.V. went to her first party ever. (Read about it here.) It was such a big milestone–for her and for me–that I remember everything about that day: picking out her outfit, the effort it took to get a newborn ready and on the road, her falling asleep in my friend Lindsay’s arms, having to stop halfway home to feed my little Babywise baby. Everything was so new, so hard, and here we are a year later, celebrating Emma Vance’s friend, Kensleigh’s, SECOND birthday, and everything has changed so much!

This time around, the party was less about stress and scheduling and more about E.V. exploring. I deemed her the Wandering Soul of the event, as she strolled about and visited whomever and wherever she wanted while I attempted to take pictures and have grown up conversations. :) With a perfectly mobile baby, the gap in Kensleigh and E.V.’s ages seemed so much smaller than it did last year, and as they played at the water table and toddled around with one another, I couldn’t help but look forward to the coming year. Kensleigh’s personality is so big (like her mom’s, of course!), and I can’t help but imagine the two of them soon jibber-jabbering away on play dates and at lunches. (Plus, the ladybug theme for her party was so super-adorable and super UGA-appropriate that I might┬ájust have to steal it for next year…hahaha!:) )

Dressed in UGA-appropriate gray because it’s GAMEDAY doesn’t start with kickoff!
My crazy baby!

the birthday girl

(E.V. was like Goldilocks, trying out all the different lawn chairs…)

Apparently she decided that it was nap time. (I don’t blame her for being exhausted!)

Poor Mr. Davis’s food kept getting stolen…oops! :/

“Give me that cupcake!!!”

This picture about sums it up! :)

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