A Little Thank You


I’m new to this whole mom-of-a-student thing, so when I wanted to express gratitude to Emma Vance’s two amazing teachers for taking such good care of our little girl, I had to wrack my brain. I mean, a Starbucks card is always received well, but I wanted something a little more unique, something that would always remind them of this particular school year. Since E.V. is such a fan of art — and I am, too — I figured a little piece of artwork would suit the memory of 2013-2014 perfectly.

I’m obsessed with Emma Vance’s class picture because it’s adorable, and I figured after years and years of teaching that perhaps the excitement of a class picture may have worn off her teachers. So, inspired by the cuties in her class, I did a little sketch of E.V. and her classmates, scanned it in my computer and graphic-designer-ed it up a bit, and voila! A teacher’s gift with heart and personality. I was pretty happy with it, and figured that at the very least it wouldn’t be a duplicate gift! :)

Of course E.V. couldn’t be left out, so as I worked, she painted. She said she was painted a “buttah-fwy” (butterfly) and “tur-tah” (turtle) for her two teachers. That’s my little artist! And then she painted her face. And then she ate a strawberry. That’s my little wild child!

Perhaps with our thought-filled end-of-year gifts we’ll have successfully convinced her teachers to move up to the 2s class with us??? ;)

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