A Pre-K Christmas!


Today was Emma Vance’s Pre-K Christmas party, and Cricket and I totally crashed it. *Technically* I’m on the Easter party planning committee, but when I mentioned to the mom in charge of today’s event that I had a game already on-hand that they could use, I kinda’ invited myself, haha! ;)

The kids had an awesome time having a picnic-style banquet, making a reindeer ornament and crafting a “stained glass” nativity. And, then, of course, I resurrected the Buddy the Elf Obstacle Course from last year’s party, and it was a blast! Things are SO much easier the second time around. Since I put so much work in last year, the only addition this year was a cardboard Santa sleigh, which I made out of a cushion display box I pilfered from Home Depot this summer. ;)

Tomorrow is our last day of school before break, and the girls are so ready! (Me? Not so much!) Merry almost Christmas!

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