A Sing Along + Ceremony (Cricket’s GRADUATING!)

So it begins! The end-of-year activities are in FULL SWING around here, and, to be honest, I feel a *little* like a chicken with my head cut off. But I digress. ;)

Cricket had her preschool graduation this week, which at our school consists of a Spring Sing Along performance + an informal ceremony.  For the singing portion, our tall lady was planted firmly in the back row, but her animated stage face made up for her positioning. (And when the class sang a diddy about a chirping cricket, she beamed like it was a song intended just for her, haha!)

During the ceremony afterwards, the teachers read each child a list of quotes about them from their peers. It was the sweetest way to honor and encourage the graduates, and you KNOW Cricket loved hearing all the lovely things people say about her:

She likes to play family and she acts like the doctor.

She plays with me a lot and is a really good friend.

She’s one of my best friends at school because she plays with me every day at school.

She usually plays with me in blocks. She’s so sweet.

She likes to make jokes. She really likes people.

She’s super kind.

We go on the slide and swing together.

While I complain a bit about the busyness, I’m also secretly thankful for it so that I can push away all of those icky, sad emotions that are starting to creep in with the end of the year. There’s no crying in preschool!

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