And Then There Were FIVE


Just wanted to mention the OTHER two members of our family, our dogs.

Olive’s birthday was earlier this month (thanks to Beth Thomas for bringing her into our family!), and she’s been making us laugh every day over the past five years.

She’s a very intuitive dog, and she can definitely tell I’m pregnant; as Ryan’s been traveling a lot, Olive’s really been the one with me all throughout feeling sick and tired, and her presence has truly been a God send. (How is it that a little creature can be so empathetic?) We’re excited for the dogs to meet the baby, and (even though every parent we’ve talked to has said our feelings will change) we’re already researching how to make sure the dogs aren’t left out once our newest family member’s on the scene. ┬áIn fact, Olive already has her own dog bed reserved for the nursery, as she is a HUGE fan of any sort of napping opportunity. :)

(I’m saving Oscar for his own post.)

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