Oh, my little artist!

The words “color,” “chalk” and “art” are common vocabulary around here for Emma Vance, and I’m such a sucker that I can’t deny my little one even a second pursuing her creative outlets! This morning she started early with her “art” because at church they made hearts out of their thumbprints. (E.V. clutched onto that little slip of paper and refused to set it down until we made it all the way to the restaurant for lunch!) It was no surprise, then, that she had art on the brain all day long–meaning that Ryan was requested to color (and trace her foot, which she¬†loves to have done!) before nap time, that E.V. took it upon herself to “fill in” my day planner and tattoo her legs with pen while I turned my back on her for about two minutes, and that I was requested to draw with chalk this afternoon. Of course Ryan and I were both happy to spend some quality time with our little artist (and simply chuckled at her temporary tattoo situation), and although she was about as messy as a kid could get by the end of all her “art,” I suppose it’s good that she hasn’t learned the word “paint” yet!

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