When this girl puts her mind to it, she can do anything!

Emma Vance woke up SUPER early this morning, all smiles and ready to play. I wasn’t sure whether to be annoyed or amused, but she giggled and shook her rattle and rolled around her crib for 30 minutes before I gave in and got up with her. It was strange to see her in all four corners of the crib, roundhouse kicking and scooting her way with ease. This evening, though, it all made sense. Apparently E.V. woke up with an agenda this morning: to roll over back-to-belly!

All day she practiced, and as I was writing my last post, I laid her on her back in a play gym at my feet. I set her down, listening to her babble to her toys but not paying much attention. The next thing I knew, she was on her belly scratching a toy that had errantly made its way too far from her reach. Ahhh! So it begins…

I’m still trying to figure out if I’m excited or scared at this development. :)

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