Burn Update: The Day After


I promise I’m not going to be obnoxious and write daily updates about this situation, but so many of you have been sweet and kind to reach out since I wrote about getting burned yesterday. Everyone has been overwhelmingly sympathetic and empathetic and full of good advice — what a wonderful upside to a crummy experience! Thank you all!

All that to say, today has been surprisingly good. I have zero pain and wouldn’t even think I have any burns…until I look in the mirror of course! Hahaha! My first degree redness dissipated overnight, leaving only my second-degree burns visible this morning. Some of my skin turned brown and toasty, especially on my face. My nose is, weeeeeell… Let’s be frank: It’s totally jacked. The skinless areas are very raw, and my entire nose is burned. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out in the long run. However, my eyelids are burned and it’s very apparent that if my nose had not blocked a large spatter of oil, my eyes would’ve gotten the worst of it. So, sorry nose, but thank you!

My arms got very blistered over last night and were even more grotesque this morning. (Seriously, this is your warning about the yucky pictures below.) I’ve realized in just one day of taking care of a house and children that the elaborate arm coverings the hospital instructed me to wear are totally unrealistic and didn’t help much in protecting those horrendous blisters, which pretty much all, um, “flattened” (ewww) throughout my daily rough ‘n tumble activities. Instead I’ve opted to just cover the worst areas with sterile non-stick pads and medical tape and then cover my arms totally up with netting sleeves to attempt to preserve the dressings. At night I’ll do the fully-wrapped-in-gauze thing, embracing my mummy arms only when the kids are asleep and out of my hair for a bit. Ha!

A lot of people have been asking about what medicines I’m using and have recommended some great ones.  Right now I’m using Bacitracin on my face and Silver Sulfadiazine on my arms. The doctor prescribed a whole bunch of painkillers and anti nausea medication, but so far the only thing I’ve really needed is one ibuprofen because I was worried about swelling and the subsequent Zofran because it made me nauseous. After I go see the burn care specialist this week, I’ll be seeking out several of the remedies all you wonderful people have recommended. At this point I’m open to everything!

So, once again I promise not to post crazy amounts of updates, especially because I know that this could have been much worse, but I thought I’d let you know how today went. Thank you all for your concern!

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