Today was E.V.’s first day of summer camp! YAY!

Then next two weeks will be filled with swing sets, sunscreen and snacks for our little lady, and I couldn’t be more excited for her! I grew up going to camp (Merri-Mac in North Carolina), and it was my absolute favorite month of the year. (And, yes, I said “month!”) Of course, Emma Vance is too little for overnight camp right now, but I figured a day camp would be a good way to introduce the idea to her — and a good way for me to get a few things done around the house! ;)

We’ve been talking about “camp” all week with E.V., but she had no clue what to think as she carried her tiny owl backpack into the church this morning. Since she doesn’t turn two until the end of the month, she wasn’t able to be at the big kids’ camp with some of her friends from preschool (Wah!), but the true goals for the next two weeks are for E.V. to be TV-free, to make some new friends and to come home exhausted each day — all of which the little kids’ camp accomplishes. (And we have something to look next year, right??) So far, considering she didn’t want to leave when we picked her up and passed out on the car ride home, I say E.V.’s first day at camp was a success! Now just a few more years until she’ll be yelling, “Iroquois is #1 and don’t you forget!” into the hills of the Blue Ridge mountains! I. Can’t. Wait. :)

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  1. morga
    June 2, 2014 / 6:50 pm

    someday she’ll be a merri-mac-er :) so much fun!

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