Today was the girls’ first day at “camp” (read: camp-themed preschool), and I couldn’t have been happier to hand them over for a few hours while I scrambled at home to unpack as many boxes while kid-free as possible. Of course, this was ironic in that the night before I was scrambling to unpack boxes in order to find the girls’ lunch boxes and accessories — to little avail. In fact, poor little Cricket ended up with a Frozen reusable bag to tote her cheese stick and crackers to camp. (Did I mention that I had also failed to purchase packable lunch items as well? Geez. Who would’ve thought it’d take so much planning to be toddler-free for a morning! ;) )

Emma Vance and Cricket came home sweaty, happy and exhausted, which is pretty much how I was, too, after a few hours at home trying to get the house put together, haha! Cricket passed out for a solid two hours post-camp, and E.V. rested quietly while her sister slept. Overall, I’d say this is going to be a FANTASTIC two weeks! ;)

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