Christmas Morning 2019 (LOL + OMG)

Since we gave our big gift to the girls over a month ago (our new puppy, Birdie), I was afraid that Christmas morning would fall totally flat. Honestly, the girls still had wish lists a mile long (oh, kids), but nothing was going to beat a dog.

So we did the best we could to pick the exciting, fun things from their Christmas lists to try and bring a little wow to the morning. (Thankfully nothing was too crazy—except that Cricket asked “to meet Rudolph” and literally thought it would happen. Whoops.) After planning and shopping and organizing, I had the saddest thought: I can feel the end of the toy phase quickly approaching. I know, I know. I didn’t think we’d here so early either, but Cricket truly just wants whatever E.V. wants…E.V. is a pre-tween. The only actual toys the girls asked for this year were LOL dolls. And LOLs are THE WORST. Sigh. 

Seriously, whoever invented LOL dolls, I both loathe and envy you. Bravo to you for making billions of dollars on basically adding lots of packaging to little toys. I wish I had thought of that! But, geez, just when I think LOLs can’t get any worse, they go an do things like make sassy, bigger versions called OMG dolls, which are basically the love child of Barbie + Bratz dolls. (BTW, I didn’t do my research or otherwise I probably wouldn’t have let the OMG dolls slip into my house.) Cricket opened one that literally was dressed like a Playboy Bunny. (#facepalm // #momfail)

I mean, I get that my girls don’t think anything of it, but yeesh. We basically spent every other present balancing out the sexy mean girl influence of the LOL + OMG dolls they opened — a National Parks poster, journals, books on strong female figures, a new bird house, flashlights…but of course all they wanted to do was play with their dolls. 

So, pray for me as I pick up tiny high-heel shoes and glitter wigs, folks. And for Ryan, too, haha. Help us to appreciate the dwindling desire in our kids for toys before they get into makeup and boys and phones…even if that is exactly what the toys they requested this year are all about. ;)


The girls slept in until almost 8 a.m.!

The Shove girls

Annual Christmas Morning Family Breakfast!

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