Cricketkit Turns THREE!


Wednesday was a Cricket’s BIG DAY! She has been looking forward to her birthday for months, and so have we. ;) There have been a lot of celebrations centered on our little Baby Starlight (her latest self-proclaimed nickname), which has been great since her birthday party won’t be until May (it’s a joint shindig with Emma Vance).

Last week at school, Cricket had her Birthday Blessings at Chapel. I love watching all those littles sing “Every Move I Make” and listen to the Bible story. She was the biggest girl to be blessed, and she was a champ! The whole thing was even more special because E.V. got to hold the offering plate, a rare treat.

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The past week was been spent gearing up for her actual birthday on the 22nd, and because our days have been so full, I gave Cricket her birthday gifts early. I made her a tablecloth house (it’s cute, but don’t look too closely, haha!), which she adored, and then gave both her and E.V. new scooters (mostly because we left their old ones at Great Grandma Vance’s house in February…oops). She was one happy birthday girl!

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From the start, Cricket requested everything to be pink, Pinkypie and Poppy for her third birthday. No prob, I got this! We started with our tradition of surprising the girls with balloons in their beds and their annual keepsake gift, a Blabla doll. I went all-pink with a giant Pinkypie balloon (mostly because they don’t make Poppy ones). She was thrilled!

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Then she donned her pink-a-rrific outfit, Poppy crown (thanks to Miss Melanie!), and Ariel shoes (which you can buy from, and I presented the pink-themed cake to her highness for the first time. Cricket had been quite insistent that I make her a “strawberry cake with pink icing and pink sprinkles,” so I did…and then I topped it with Cricket in a pink bikini and some pink candles. She was patient enough not to touch it “until dinner,” which means she really is growing up, ha!;)

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Since Cricket has school on Wednesdays, we got to do some extra-fun stuff with her class. We made pink parfaits with her friends for snack time, complete with a Pinkypie tablecloth and Poppy cups. #theme. It doesn’t hurt that there are ELEVEN girls and ONE boy in her class. Poor guy. (I set out one plain blue cup, and when he walked in the room, he sat down right at it without a thought, haha!)

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During circle time, she got to share her “About Me” poster and her special object (a painted snail shell). Then Nanny came to her class to be the mystery reader! She read “Pinkalicious” (of course) and brought everyone a pink sweet treat to take home. ;) I had asked Cricket where she wanted to eat for her third birthday, and she (naturally) responded, “Starbucks!” Since she would not be dissuaded, we all went to lunch there, where she had an obligatory cake pop and opened presents.

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For dinner, we ate out with our dear friends the Engerts. Cricket keeps referring to it as “her party.” I don’t argue — we had friends, food, fun, cake and sang to her. What else could a three year old want?

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Overall, I’m pretty sure our big girl had the bestest, pinkest birthday ever. Happy third birthday, Baby Starlight! :)

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