Cricket’s Class Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

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I cannot believe that today was our FIRST pumpkin patch visit of the season! Usually I’m dragging the girls and Ryan to some farm or other at 12:01 a.m. October 1st, but this month seems to be slipping away so quickly this year! (I suppose a last-minute jaunt down to Disney will do that to ya’!)

Well, despite being later than usual, Cricket and I joined her classmates in our annual class trip to the church’s pumpkin patch. Luckily we actually had some autumn weather this morning, and the gray skies and blustery wind made our visit perfect (and a little chilly, especially since Cricket chose to leave her fur coat in the classroom + she’s getting way too tall for those 3T dresses, oh my!). It was fun to run around for a bit while she found bumpy pumpkins and smooth ones, big ones and little ones, orange ones and green ones. And, although her vote for class pumpkin didn’t win, she was a happy little lady, which makes me happy!

Now, to cram in about 14 other patches and farms before Halloween…and GO! ;)

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