Cricket’s First Day of School 2015 (Wonder-filled 1s!)


Well, we (all) survived Cricket’s first day of preschool. It was only an hour-long class with parents alongside their children, but it was exhausting! (There were a lot of baby dolls hugged, books read and snacks eaten during that 60 minutes.) Afterwards, Cricket and I picked E.V. up from her classroom, which is conveniently directly across from Cricket’s, and then my girls passed out all afternoon. Perhaps it was Cricket’s excitement to carry in her tote bag all by herself or Emma Vance’s first three-day-long school week, but both of my children slept for THREE HOURS straight. Considering E.V. hasn’t napped since we moved into our new house (three months ago!), I’d consider this school week a major win! ;)

NO1_1895 NO1_1856 NO1_1851 NO1_1916NO1_1910NO1_2205 NO1_2229 NO1_2240 NO1_2241 NO1_2277 NO1_2282 NO1_2194NO1_2198NO1_2288 NO1_2298 NO1_2305

(Gazing in to big sister’s classroom)


(Daddy drop-off)

NO1_2316 NO1_2318 NO1_2321(Big sister’s room is SO close!)

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