Dear Cricket (Two Months)

NO1_0822 Dear Cricket,

I love you so much. Seriously. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, more lovable baby! You bring so much joy to our lives.

Your second month brought with it a terrible cold. It began at your one-month doctor’s appointment and hasn’t let up since. It’s so pitiful to hear you wheeze and cough, but you’re such a trooper. You rarely complain or cry, but there are these scary moments when you can’t breathe for a moment. The look of terror as you stare into my eyes is haunting; I’ve never felt so helpless! But then, in an instant, it’s over and you’re back to your happy self. Your dad and I have been trying different things to help clear your nose, some with better results than other. I prefer to use the saline drops, and your dad, well, he’s obsessed with the snot sucker. It’s this terrible Swedish contraption that lets parents actually suck snot out of a baby’s nose. Yuck! But it works, and he loves you, so…all’s well that ends well I suppose!  :) We’ve seen the pediatrician twice about your cold, but they say there’s nothing to worry about; your little immune system just hasn’t ever fought a bug off before! I just hope it’s over soon!

Because you’ve been so stuffy, you’ve been a bit spoiled. You spend most of your night in my arms or by my side. It’s the sweetest time for me, feeling your warm little body snuggling up to me. You’re a pretty good sleeper (thank you!), and you really only need to eat once during night these days. However, you definitely sleep better when you’re in my arms, of course! You still can’t stand to be swaddled, and, truthfully, you’re happiest sleeping on your side, in our bed, with the covers pulled up around you. It’s like looking at a tiny person, and I love it! So does your big sister, and many afternoons she gently falls asleep at your side. Those are my favorite afternoons, seeing both of my small children cuddled up and slumbering peacefully. The funny thing is, as much as she loves being next to you, you love being next to her. One afternoon this month, I could NOT get either of you to fall asleep for a nap (probably because you were in different rooms!), so I carried you into your sobbing sister’s room and laid you in her crib. Simultaneously both of you calmed, closed your eyes and started to fall asleep. (Of course you’re too little and she’s too big for crib nap times together right now, meaning the crying started all over when I tried to gently pick you back up…but it was a beautiful moment while it lasted.)

You’re a big baby and so beautiful. Slowly you’re changing from this tiny newborn into a true infant, and it’s fascinating to watch. You’re eyes are as blue as the sky, and Dada keeps praying that they stay blue. ;) Your hair is dark and getting thicker, although much more slowly on the top! (Hopefully that will fill in soon, haha!) Your sweet little nose is uh-dorable, and I just want to pinch it! However, your smile is by far your best feature. There are so few times that you’re unhappy that most of your days are spent grinning at the world around you. The best feeling in the world is when you’re in my arms, simply soaking in your surroundings, when you come to focus on my face. The smile that comes across your face at the recognition of your mom absolutely melts me. Every. Single. Time! You also love when E.V. is near you. The two of you are already connected in ways I’ll never understand; when you cry, she rushes to your side and brings you back to happiness in an instant. Right now she’s a bit rough with you (she’s still little herself!), but you’re tough and take her poking and prodding very well. It seems that you think it’s well worth a little pain to have her play with you. I can’t wait until a few years have passed and the two of you can actually play with one another…sigh.

You love the hustle and bustle of people around you as much as you love the peace of our home. I’ve never seen a more agreeable baby; it’s as if you’re just happy to be alive, appreciative of being part of our family. You’re happiest sitting up like a big girl or doing tummy time; none of this newborn on-your-back nonsense for you! You’ve only truly cried maybe four or five times this month, and it’s mostly because I’m occupied with E.V. and have to make you wait. Although we haven’t put you on a strict schedule (there’s just so much going on, we’re always on the run it seems!), you’re a routined baby and when you’re hungry, you’re hungry! ;) I love that you’re so flexible and don’t mind being dragged around with us, because, well, you don’t have much of a choice! Haha! I have tried to make up for the madness surrounding you by carrying you around in a comfy baby sling while we run errands (as opposed to having you in a stroller), and you are so happy in that thing! You scrunch up in this tiny little ball, close your eyes and snooze or calmly observe the big world around you. The warmth and the sound of my heartbeat are melodic to you, and the warmth and sound of your breathing are even more precious to me.

Cricket, I just want to hold you every second of every day. I spend my spare moments staring at your sweet face, kissing your tiny nose and rocking you to sleep. I want to soak in every moment of your little life and remember everything that happens in your tiny world. You are perfect. I can’t imagine my life without you, and, more so, I don’t want to. It’s you and me, kid.

I love you. Your dad loves you. Your sister loves you. (Like LOVES you.) You complete our little family of four.

Crickie, we love you.

Mom, Dad and E.V.


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