Desperate Measures

Just don’t let this become a habit guys, okay? I can’t hear you…OKAY??? Oh, whatever. Enjoy yourselves while you can.

When your baby has been playing in her crib happily since the moment you put her down for a nap, and it’s now AN HOUR AND A HALF past her usual nap time, you will do anything–anything–in order to get her to go to sleep so as to not totally throw off your entire day…

When your husband got in at 3 a.m. last night from California, almost NINE HOURS after his original flight was supposed to land, you will do anything–anything–in order to let him sleep peacefully so as to ensure that his today is better than his yesterday…

…even pit the two of them against one another, ensuring that all three of you “win.”

(Add a dog who’s exhausted from going crazy this morning to see what creature is stuck in your chimney, and you all are “winners.” Yep, true story.)

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