Double Barf

I’m blissfully unaware of the incident,
but E.V. seems to have an intuition that something’s not quite right. :)

Well, we went to the Life Time Fitness pool again today. It was…well, let’s just call it “a less successful” visit than before.

Ryan and I opted to go to brunch this morning, and so we hit the gym in the late afternoon, post-nap. There were a lot less kids than usual, and as Ryan did a quick workout upstairs, I got Emma Vance and myself settled in poolside. We unpacked, had a snack, lathered on our sunscreen and waddled into the kiddie pool. Emma Vance was soooo excited this time around and not at all afraid of the gushing mushroom. We did a quick lap around the super shallow end of the pool, and as I picked her up to venture a bit further in, the lifeguards blew their whistles for what I assumed was adult swim. Most of the families began packing up, which I figured had to do with it being almost dinnertime, so E.V. and I walked around the pool, stopping to say hello to every small child she encountered. As we looped back around to our chairs (after what seemed like the longest adult swim EVER), I noticed a lifeguard scooping something out of the pool. As we passed by, I joked with him, “Hey, that’s not poop is it? {chuckle, chuckle}” He smiled back at me and gave me a reassuring, “Nah,” followed by the less-reassuring, “It’s not poop. Just vomit.”


So we quickly gathered our stuff and exited the pool area just as the guards announced to the last of the remaining (and obviously uninformed) families that the outdoor pool was closed indefinitely for “clean up.” Yuck.

No worries, though, Life Time has an indoor pool, too! Yay!

It was about this time that Ryan joined us, confused to see us swimming inside. He laughed at our misfortune, and then jumped right in the pool to splash and swim with Emma Vance. It was warmer, not hot and glaringly bright, and quite pleasant in the indoor pool, so it turned out to be a welcome change for our afternoon activity. (Plus, it was clean, so you can’t argue with that.) We had been playing with our water baby for a little less than an hour when Ryan’s eyes got as wide as saucers. He was looking past me as he said in a panicking voice, “I just saw that kid over there throw up.” Yup. Different kid, different pool, same quick evacuation. The poor mom came and apologized to us (since she had seen us have to leave the outdoor pool less than an hour previously), but we just joked about our luck. (I felt so bad for her; I mean, it could’ve happened to anyone with a kid.)

Well, I suppose swim time is over for the day.

Not to be defeated, we headed to the LTF cafe, spending the last of our planned swim time having a really early dinner. What are the odds of getting kicked out of two pools, one right after the other, both times for different kids barfing? I suppose it just wasn’t in the cards for us today, folks, and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches…even when that means running for your dear life from floating vomit. Yuck. :)

“AHHH! Someone barfed here, too, Dada!”
 I suppose cotillion lessons are in our future.


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