E.V. Eleven Month Weigh-In

Her very own “Bunny Foo Foo!”

In an attempt to avoid the wiggly-ness I usually experience while trying to weigh E.V. every month, I came prepared with snacks and a toy today. Little did I know that the doctor’s office had just installed a WIND CHIME above the scale, meaning my attempt was futile and that Emma Vance was extra wiggly for her eleven month weigh-in. Not to say that she didn’t scarf down her puffs or demonstrate her Bunny Foo Foo talents (i.e. making her “Bunny Foo Foo” puppet hop through an imaginary forest), but her attention clearly focused on the chiming above her head.

At eleven months, E.V. is still growing oh-so-slowly, up about a half an inch at 28 inches and gaining less than a pound at 21 lbs. 4 oz. She sure is eating enough to be putting on the pounds like a sumo wrestler, but her thirst for exploration and ceaseless energy mean she can burn those calories off like a champ!

Due to the wiggly-ness, please excuse my blurry-yet-hopefully-entertaining photos…my iPhone can’t keep up with my eleven-month-old. :)

“Whoa! Look, Mom, a wind chime!”
“How does this darn thing work?”
Stuffing a puff in her mouth…

…was not distracting enough apparently…

…because of that incessant chiming above her head!
(typical E.V. face, BTW)

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