E.V. Potter

“Hmmm. What shall we do today, Mom?”

On rainy days we always struggle finding ways to entertain ourselves. Running errands in yucky weather isn’t fun, neither is the park or going for a walk. Thankfully babies are entertained by anything and everything in this big ol’ world of ours, from big stuff to small. Today we ventured out into the rain for lunch with Dad and came back with a straw–which provided Emma Vance lots of rainy day entertainment. We pretended she was E.V. Potter with a brand new wand…and she was so enthralled I’m sure her next word will be “Expelliarmus!” :)

E.V. practiced her “expelliarmus” spell while waiting for the rain to go away.
“This sure is a funny looking wand, Mom.”
“It sure tastes funny, too.”
“Wait a minute! It’s not a wand; it’s a straw, silly Mom!”
(Oh, how our restaurant entertainment has changed since having a baby!)

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