E.V.’s Fourth Birthday

How to make four-year old E.V.’s birthday wishes come true:
Wake her up by whispering that it’s finally her birthday. Then spend the next 15 minutes trying to explain to her why her party isn’t also today. (Mom win: “But you get to celebrate on TWO days: your birthday and your party day!”)

Let her wear whatever she wants, no arguing. Today it happens to be her Belle costume. (At least it’s not her swim suit!)

Be the first ones in the door at Toys R Us and let both girls pick out one toy. Be amazed that your suddenly-mature four-year old understands and accepts the “one” idea. Be unsurprised when her baby sister fills the cart with everything she sees. (The winners? An Ariel instrument set and a lifelike baby doll.)

Have¬†lunch at her favorite restaurant, Mellow Mushroom with the grandmothers. Let her order pizza AND pretzels. (And a brownie sundae.) Don’t fuss when she removes her shoes and decides to dance for all the patrons.

Surprise her with balloons for rest time. Theme it “Ariel,” which she’s specifically requested.

Spend the afternoon at the neighborhood pool while wearing her “yellow suit with the flapper,” swimming¬†with the fam and eventually some other kids.

Let her watch TroTro (#worstshowever) and eat dinner in bed.

Tuck her (and Daddy) in to bed, and let them drift off to Bob Ross.

Happy fourth birthday, E.V.!
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