E.V. vs. The Kazoo

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Watching your child perform is one of the great joys of parenthood — and our preschool’s annual Spring Sing never disappoints.

This year E.V.’s performance was everything we could have hoped for, filled with bravado and ad lib dancing and impromptu bowing and hi-mom waving. It was amazing…until Emma Vance’s arch nemesis appeared. The kazoo. Yes, the kazoo. Throughout all of preschool, the kazoo has plagued Emma Vance. For whatever reason, every time she’s handed one, E.V. cannot remember how to play it. Her music teacher has always been good to whisper to her “just hum” every time she’s had to handle one — but today she forgot. As soon as she had that kazoo in hand, her face fell and didn’t recover until her hands were empty again. It was pitiful. And hilarious. ;)

Let’s hope kindergarten brings lots of new experiences — and instruments. #bringontherecorder

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