Emma Vance’s Moms’ Moments

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Today was  Moms’ Moments for Emma Vance’s 3s class. I LOVE being able to see my kids in environments that are entirely their own, and preschool is the place E.V. truly shows off who she is and what she’s interested in. Here’s a glimpse into my time with my oldest:

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E.V. was SO excited that I was “coming to her class for a Mommy Party today.” Song + dance included, of course. Cricket was just happy to play back up dancer. ;)

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Mommy from Three-Year Old E.V.’s perspective: I’m a teenager with black hair who paints roofs and makes yucky stew. Sounds about right…ha!

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I’ve never looked better.

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We put together a pig from various animal body parts–only SLIGHTLY creepy.

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The Science Center had a lot of interesting things to look at, including a shell!

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E.V. wanted to practice writing her name for me. How sweet!

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This is Snakely, and he “has a sticky snake tongue.” We built him a snake cave out of blocks. (not pictured)

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Miss Kassie read us “Guess How Much I Love You,” and the kids actually listened!

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To cap off the visit, the kids sang “Skidamarink-a-dink-a-doo” to the moms. Apparently Emma Vance thought they were doing a formal performance. #centerstage

As we left, the kids handed the moms necklaces with little painted charms on them. So sweet, thoughtful and actually stylish! Happy early Mother’s Day, moms!

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