End of Summer Recap

Summer is drawing to a close. Even here in the South, there are moments I find myself catching a breeze of wind that reminds me months of weather that won’t melt my face off are coming. Winter is coming.

There’s so much going on here at Casa de Shove, so I’m a bit behind on blogging. Between the start of school and being sick, I’ve backlogged a lot of photos from the end of summer. Here’s a recap of how our last few weeks have gone–highlights only because, well, lowlights stink. ;)

As an homage to summer, Ryan and I took the girls to eat barbecue and run in the fountains outside our city hall. They had a blast–Emma Vance in particular–and then a thunder storm came out of nowhere. Sounds like summer to me!

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We celebrated our friend, Davis, at the last birthday party of the summer, where E.V. pounded some raisins, haha! The party sure was a doozy! (Or should I say dozer…as in bulldozer?)
NO1_1628 NO1_1630 NO1_1633 NO1_1637 NO1_1643 NO1_1644 NO1_1648


Cricket and E.V. explored a nearby park with our friends Kensleigh and Mikah.

NO1_1894 NO1_1899

We hosted our inaugural Supper Club, which meant I had to actually cook…but everyone was nice enough to eat everything anyway, haha!

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