Familiar Magic (Christmas Eve)

This year more than ever, we needed a holiday season marked with familiarity and magic.

In that spirit, our Christmas Eve was spent in the company of close friends — the kind of friends who are filled with a deep familiarity that makes for the best magic. We laughed over dinner +  visited to our city’s tree to make some last-minute Christmas wishes. Then, cozied in pajamas, the girls read the story of the birth of Christ + wished Santa well. And in the most magical way possible, the evening was covered in a dusting of snow flurries.

May your Christmas be as filled with familiar magic as ours.

For the briefest moment, it snowed on Christmas Eve and all was right with the world.

Hanging Christmas ornaments + wishes on our town tree!

For the first time, E.V. read the Christmas story to the family.

Annual Santa call (with a mask this year, of course!)

That’s a wrap(ped present)!

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