Let Your Heart Be Light (Family Photos)

ev let your heart be light

By now most of our Christmas cards are out, although we did have an unusual amount of address changes this year amongst our friends, leaving us with a few unmailed envelopes. Regardless, I’m dying to share these pictures, even if it spoils the surprise. :)

I feel like most people (moms) fall into one of two categories of thought when it comes to Christmas cards: Either they think formal family photos aren’t a real representation of life (and thus prefer everyday pictures) or they view Christmas cards as a formal piece of communication (and thus prefer a professional photo). For me, I love getting both kinds of cards in the mail; it’s such a great way to see of all of our friends’ different personalities. Personally, since I share so many everyday photos on this blog, I opt for having a more formal picture for our Christmas card. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s an excuse to get some family photos of all three of us at least once a year. ;)

Thank you to Megan Davidson for taking these wonderful family photos at the last minute while we were all in the midst of  the stomach bug. You can’t even tell, which is a sign of true talent! Ha!

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