First Day of School! Woo hoo! (Pre-K + 2s)



As beautiful and somewhat mild (by Southern standards, at least) as the weather is today, I CANNOT believe summer is over! As much as I’ve been looking forward to sending the girls back to class, it still seems like we just had our last day of school. But, no matter how hard to comprehend, today was officially the first day of school for Emma Vance and Cricket!

This year E.V. is in Pre-K (another thing I simply cannot wrap my mind around quite yet), and Cricket is in a transitional 2-3s class (which she’s technically too young for, but apparently is bossy enough to have earned–haha!). The biggest realization as I prepared for this morning was that Emma Vance is, from this day forward, a 5-day-a-week student until she graduates high school. (No tears, no tears, no tears!) Cricket will be attending preschool MWF this year, so I’m looking on the bright side of enjoying my few hours alone on those mornings. ;)

Our preschool does gradual entry, which means that the first few days of class are short to break kids into the routine. Today Emma Vance went by herself to an hour of school while Ryan and I accompanied Cricket to an hour in her classroom with a few of her classmates. Tomorrow E.V. will be in full-swing. Wednesday Cricket will go alone to a short class, and then (finally) on Friday both girls will be full-time. (Note to self: Just get to Friday!)

I love school, and we are so happy with our preschool choice. As I watched Cricket dominate the home center in her classroom and as I peeked in on E.V. being read to, I’m certain that my girls will be school-lovers, too. When we got home, I presented Emma Vance with her handwriting workbook, and she promptly filled her name in while I beamed with pride. *sigh* Here we go!

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