First Doctor’s Appointment

Looking cute for our first venture into the real world…oh, E.V. looked nice too. :)

So now that we seem to have the nighttime routine settled (thank God!), we had our first doctor’s appointment today, which was a new adventure for Emma Vance and for us. (And, yes, we did get her dressed up to go, since we haven’t really had a chance to go out yet, and we have so many cute outfits to wear!) Our doctor’s office is literally less than a mile away, and I look forward to nicer weather where we can take an afternoon stroll to our appointments. Today, of course, we drove, and E.V. handled her car seat with much more grace than last time. :)

The good news? E.V. is doing great! She’s gained weight since leaving the hospital (now at 8 lb. 6 oz. v. 8 lb. 11 oz. at birth), her vital signs look good, and she was a relatively good sport (although it was very, very cold in the office, making for a little fussiness). We were able to ask a few first-time parent questions of the doctor (I’m sure that she hears the phrase “Is it normal…?” about a million times a day), including the ideal temperature debate (she always seems¬†cold, but the monitor says her bassinet is about 68-70 degrees), how do we get that booger out (the answer: you don’t quite yet, although thankfully it came out on its own shortly thereafter :) ), and how much swaddling is too much.

Chilly on the scales! Brrr!
Headed back to her birth weight, weighing in at 8 lb. 6 oz. five days after birth.
Cold stethoscope, doctor!

The craziest part of the exam was when the doctor checked Emma Vance’s reflexes by holding her up in the air on her belly. (Nervous mom moment.) Apparently her baby reflexes checked out well, and as quickly as the doctor had her upturned, I had her back in my arms. Whew.

(Oh, dear God, please don’t drop my child!)
Oh, girl, I was scared too!

We’re so thankful to have a healthy girl, and pray that God continues to bless her with good growth and development. For now we’re just focused on keeping her rested, fed, clean, and germ-free (well, to an extent)!

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