From Melmac to Milton, GA (A Halloween Costume Party)

NO1_0218This week I texted my couples’ small group and warned them that my costume for tonight’s Halloween party was a bit sexy. They responded encouragingly, of course, but they had no idea just how dang sexy it was going to be. ;)

Little known fact: Growing up, Ryan LOVED Alf. Now that we’ve got kids, we’ve pulled out his old Alf lunch box and talking stuffed animal, and anytime the girls have given those particular toys attention, Ryan’s gotten a bit excited. Although he’s far from having a weird obsession, Alf has become one of those tiny little inside jokes in our family — the girls and I even got Ryan a vintage Alf clip-on toy for Father’s Day this year.

Fast forward to this week, when we were on the phone trying to decide on costumes for our friends’ Pre-ween Party. Ryan has been swamped with work and on the West Coast all week, leaving me in charge of costume coordination. We ran through a dozen ideas (some good, some really, really bad), but couldn’t decide on one. While doing research on a major contender in our quest for costuming, I ran across Alf suits online…#lightbulb

Ryan was going to be good ol’ Alf, but what was I going to be? The obvious option was to be a cat, but I love Halloween and just couldn’t reconcile being something so common for a holiday I love so much. I decided to go all in and order two suits — Mrs. Alf it was! (Yeah, I made that up, but I’m all for creativity!) Emma Vance helped me turn my Alf costume into girl, painting the eyelids, lips and toenails and gluing on false eyelashes. And you know what? I think it turned out pretty darn awesome!

Everyone’s reactions were great tonight, but the best part was that multiple people said that they knew who was in the Alf suit because something about the hair just looked like Ryan’s normal hair. HA! That totally made my night!

Signing off from Melmac,

The Alfs

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P.S. Everyone brought spooky dishes and helped out just a little. My contribution was (easy) creepy donuts and making The Skelly award for Best Costume. Cute, right? (Well, at least I thought so, haha!)

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