Gender Reveal

When Ryan and I first thought about doing a gender reveal party, we went back and forth a LOT–we knew we wouldn’t be able to do it right at 20 weeks (so that a few key people would be able to attend); we knew it was kind of a newer thing that a lot of people (especially the older generations in our lives) wouldn’t “get;” we worried that (deep down) people wouldn’t really care that much what we’re having (it’s not like this is the first baby in our group of friends); and, of course, there’s the time and effort that goes into actually planning a party. Thankfully, after yesterday, I can only say that we made the right decision.

Being surrounded by our family and friends at such a big moment really meant a lot to us. Truthfully, beyond actually finding out we were pregnant (sorry, I can’t say that we would’ve wanted anyone else there for that!), this is the first major surprise about our future baby, and beyond simply loving hanging out with everyone, it definitely made the moment even more memorable.

In the coming days we’ll have more pictures, but I also wanted to thank Carrie Tabb for taking such lovely photography!  She’s great to work with, and, yeahduh, she’s got major skills. :)

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