Getting Ready for SCHOOL!


It’s that time of year, the time where summer begins to close its curtain and fall takes the stage. Here in the South it’s humid and hot until Halloween, so the weather can be deceptive; although pumpkin spice lattes and layers are still a ways off for us, there are certain signs that are undeniable — including the start of school.

Emma Vance will begin her 2s class next week, and in preparation we had a visit from her teacher today. To say that E.V. was excited was an understatement, and in true Emma Vance fashion, she was eager to show her new friend around, starting with art and ending with books. (Typical!)

As she sat with her teacher, demanding that she draw an assortment of animals, begging her to “C’mon!” as she pulled her around the house by the hand, and asking “What’s that?” a million times, I couldn’t help but smile. My little girl looooves people and is always eager to make a new friend from a strange face. Although this home visit was intended to make our toddler feel more comfortable when we drop her off next week, I’m pretty sure that we’d have been anxiety-free either way. In fact, I’m pretty sure E.V. would’ve scooted me out the door to run errands in order to have Miss Charmie all to herself for a little while longer. (And I wouldn’t have argued!)

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