Girls’ Trip to GGV (+Oscar)

About seven and a half hours consisting of

exactly five shoulder pull-offs (because, well, children),

four movies (Sing, Hotel Transylvania, Tinker Bell, and Tarzan),

three wrong turns (seriously, Maps, if you want me to just get in the right lane, don’t call it a “slight right”)

two visits to Chick-fil-A (four and half hours apart yet both still during the breakfast service, which I considered very entertaining — although that may have been more delirium than true humor),

one very patient co-pilot of a dog,

and we’re back from a whirlwind trip to Orlando to visit Great Grandma Vance!

Ryan was traveling this week, so with the start of the school year looming over us, I decided to drive the girls (+ Oscar) down to visit my grandmother for a short visit. I’d been planning on making the trip all summer, but I was doubting my ability to drive eight hours…each way…with kids…and a dog…all alone. It’s embarrassing to admit, but the furthest I’ve ever driven by myself is about four hours away — and that only happened last week, eek! Prior to that, Athens is about as far as I’ve ever driven alone. But, I’m 35, so it was time to be a big girl. :)

The visit was only for a couple of days and most of the time it rained. So we did what you do at grandmas’ houses — baked, swam, watched TV, napped, shopped and went out to dinner. Summer Bucket List, check!

The girls were up by 7, and eating cookies by 8. Only at grandma’s, haha!

The girls swam about twelve times a day, in between Florida rainstorms. (Oscar ran around the pool, hunting for lizards.)

Later in the day, I threw E.V. into the pool with her clothes on (I dunno, I guess I was feeling like a Fun Mom for a minute?), and she retaliated. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a thing, haha!

Pancakes + Unicorn cereal for breakfast? Sure, I guess so?

Found these gems (pun intended) shopping, and the girls had to wear them to dinner + ice cream at our favorite Florida spot, Jeremiah’s.


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