Halloween Prep

(The aftereffects of having worked in retail doing visuals…)

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year! Although we don’t go crazy with orange and black decorations around here (no graveyards or homemade haunted houses at the Shoves’…yet!), there’s just something about getting out the pumpkins, eating candy by the handful and DRESSING UP that makes me giddy. It’s as if Fall is officially here, and not even an Indian Summer can mess that up once Halloween makes its debut.

Since it’s about a week out from the big day, we’re knee-deep in prepping for All Hallow’s Eve 2013. (Lucky for us, Amityville comes naturally equipped for such a holiday, from the creaky floors to the abundant spider webs to the creepy crawlies living in our dark corners. Ha!) This year I chose just a few of our favorite Halloween decorations and grouped them on the mantle (whereas at the townhouse I decorated much more extensively), and our candy bowl is full–or rather, half full since I make the mistake of buying candy too early every single year–and ready for any pint-sized ghouls and goblins we might have knock on our door.

Today Emma Vance painted the pumpkin she got at Burt’s last weekend, as well as a tiny one for her tiny brother or sister. :) She loves to paint, and when the pumpkins were done, she chose a few rocks to decorate for her dada as well…and then managed to scamper away from me and up onto the back porch, leaving a trail of tiny, rainbow-colored handprints in her wake. (Sometimes I love this whole rental thing!) The big guys will get carved into jack o’ lanterns this weekend and join E.V.’s painted versions on the porch for the next week or so.

The last piece of the Halloween puzzle is to make Emma Vance’s costume, and somehow I’ve convinced myself that I don’t need a pattern to make it, so I’m winging it. (The costume is a surprise, but you might be able to guess from my sneak preview pic…) If it ends up a total disaster, we’ll all just laugh together, okay? Wish me luck–I may need it! ;)

Ta-da! Beautiful!

“Hmm. What else can I paint?”


One last big project to tackle…the costume!


  1. October 24, 2013 / 5:23 pm

    LOVE EV’s painted pumpkins!! And WOOHoo for the no-pattern halloween costume: way to go!! Hmmm what will it be?! Halloween is our favorite too. You’ve inspired me to do another Halloween decor post ;)

    • October 24, 2013 / 6:09 pm

      Let’s hold the “woo-hoos” for my pattern-free costume until we can see the end result. I figure the worst outcome means I’ll just have to tell everyone (when they look at her confusedly) what she is. ;)

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