Hangin’ with Dad

Sometimes I get to hang out with just my dad, and those are my favorite times. (Isn’t he dreamy?) I’m happy that he works from home so I can steal a few minutes here and there with him.

We like to lay around in bed because it’s super comfy. I don’t even mind if I’m naked when we hang out because, well, to be honest, I spit up a lot anyway. 

Yesterday, my buddy Oscar joined us in bed. (Since he’s a boy, it was okay–instead of Daddy/Daughter time, we had Daddy/Daughter/Dog time.)

Then I got chilly and asked for a blanket. I mean, I was naked, so what did he expect to happen? When he covered me up with my lovely, hand-knit baby blanket from Mrs. Emma Vance, I decided to taste it. It tasted…well, you can guess from my expression.

Then we settled down for a quick show on the computer, which I love. Bright colors and lots of movement and interesting sounds–oh my! 

Overall, we had a fun time together, as usual. What a nice dad to let me hang out with him–I hope he had as much fun as I did because I love him a lot…like A LOT a lot.

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