Happy Days

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Seriously, guys, this whole learning-to-talk thing is bringing such joy into my world these days. Even though we’re a long way from having a real conversation, these little words seem to just pour out of Emma Vance’s mouth, giving me glimpses into her world, her opinions and her personality. I’m getting to know my little lady with every new word, and it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced with her thus far. Though the words she picks up tend to be pretty funny and entertaining in general, every once in a while she comes up with one that actually brightens my day–like “happy.” (Yes, “happy,” which makes me happy.)

Seriously, how does she even know that word? I can’t remember often asking her if she’s happy, saying overtly that I’m happy or hearing other kids say happy things to her, but somehow it’s recently become a part of her vocabulary. (I’m pretty sure that it was learned as a mish-mash of “puppy,” “baby,” and “hey,” because she sometimes pairs those words all together–or perhaps it’s rather that dogs, kids and hellos all just make her happy! :) ) I swear God gave her that tiny word to encourage me, to show me that I’m on the right path, that she really is happy, and for that I’m so thankful. I mean, a lot of this early parenting thing is just planting seeds and sitting around waiting for little sprouts to pop up, and that can be frustrating or discouraging at times. However, when your little one looks you in the eye and says, “Happy!” with a smile, it’s feels like getting a rare sneak peek into that soil and seeing the little seed beginning to bud.

I was glancing through pictures on my phone the other day and ran across this impromptu video shot by Emma Vance. I was changing her diaper, and in an effort to stop her wiggling, I handed her my phone. Apparently she has Ryan’s filmmaking skills, because somehow she opened the camera, switched it to video mode and hit record for a few seconds. (Oh, how I can already see my child out-technology-ing me at an early age!) The cinematography may leave something to be desired, but the audio is spot-on. :) Enjoy, and I hope this makes you just as happy as it made me! 

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