Happy Everyday!


Cricket being serenaded by “Let It Go” in the breezy, beautiful afternoon shade.

Today is Mother’s Day. Today I…

…was awoken at 6 a.m. by a tiny voice begging to watch “Curious George.” Was denied a private shower by my toddler, a long shower by my newborn and a hot shower by my rental house’s water heater. Laughed ’til my belly ached before 8 a.m. even hit. Snot-sucked a stuffy two-month old about a million times. Wiped noses constantly. Danced to the words “hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity-dog,” which only parents of preschoolers can appreciate. Had to convince my toddler that her new big girl shoes do not, in fact, “Stink — pee-yew!” so that she would wear them. Picked one yellow rose with the girls to give to my mother. Waited inside the ridiculously small IHOP foyer with all the other crazies who had the same hankering for pancakes and coffee this morning. Made my toddler’s day by allowing her to have a scoop of ice cream at 10 a.m. for being so well-behaved and patient while waiting. Changed no less than 12 diapers, the contents of which I’ll save you from imagining. Folded six loads of laundry (still waiting to actually be put away). Nursed a baby for countless hours. Received smiles and adoration in return (#worthit). Let my tiny newborn sleep midday for five hours straight (which I’ll regret at 3 a.m. tonight!). Snuggled my two favorite little girls through a simultaneous THREE HOUR nap. Had a picnic in the shade of our oak tree with my littles. Listened to the best rendition of “Let It Go” ever sung (anywhere by anyone). Hollered at the dogs to stop barking at the neighbors. Fed my oldest more strawberries than I could count. And pickles. And cheese. Said “leave the baby alone” about a dozen times. Said “the baby can’t have lollipops” at least twice. Said “don’t poke the baby’s eyes” at least once an hour. Said the words “no” and “don’t” about a bajillion times. Said “I love you” a bajillion and one times. Got one tiny, heartfelt, two-year-old “I love you” back, which easily trumped my bajillion and one. Watched “The Little Mermaid” for the fiftieth time…this month (happily). Had to pretend to eat “eggies” hand-spooned into my mouth by grubby hands. Received flowers from the love of my life. Missed him a lot. Missed him A LOT.  Carried my two babies around the house all day, one on each hip, because neither wanted to be more than six inches from me at any point. Let the girls soak in the tub until their toes were wrinkly and the water a bit too cold for comfort, simply because it’s their happy place. Played animal dress up with hooded towels for a full half an hour, giggles and all. Responded, “Yes, dear?” to “mom,” “mommy” and “mama” an infinite number of times. Tucked two pieces of my heart into bed extra early, complete with kisses and hugs and lullabies. Breathed a sigh of relief as I crumpled onto the couch.

Happy Mother’s Day? More like “Happy Everyday!” :) (And what a wonderful “everyday” it is!)

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