I Know Who You Are (Halloween 2017)


It’s no secret that I love Halloween. I adore autumn and thrive on being creative, so Halloween is a natural love for me. (And my girls’ passion for dressing up is only rivaled by their love for candy, so it’s a family obsession.) Each year I let the girls pick whatever they want to be for the multitude of dress-up celebrations that occur leading up to Halloween, but on October 31st, I like to make their costumes and for them to match (while I still have a say, that is). So each year there’s a bit of back-and-forth involved, since both girls have to be excited about their coordinating costume. This year we went through a few ideas, but the one that stuck (I do have to admit) both surprised me a cracked me up.

“I want to be Moana,” Cricket declared one day.

It was a perfect fit for Cricket: Ryan’s paternal grandmother is 100% Hawaiian, she loves the movie, and her 2017 quote of the year has been, “Mom, I’m the perfect daughter because I’m beautiful” (NOT “but I come back to the water” haha).

But that’s not going to work, I thought. There aren’t really any other girls in the movie.

“Great, I want to be Te Fiti!” Emma Vance replied.

Well, then! That I can make work!

 And so, all in agreement, I set out sewing.

As I concocted E.V.’s Te Fiti costume, I couldn’t help but think about a family story that’s been passed down over the decades. This particular piece of Aquilio family lore goes like this:

My middle brother, Tony, was 6 or 7 and insisted that he wanted to make his own Halloween costume. My mom and dad agreed, and so when Halloween rolled around and my brother hadn’t asked for any help, they began to get nervous. According to my mom, Tony locked himself alone in the bathroom before trick-or-treating. There were mumbles and grunts and bangs, but he insisted that no one see him until he was done. So they waited. And waited. And waited. And then he emerged.

There, standing before my parents, was their middle son standing in a green sleeping bag with the majority of it dragging behind him. It was cinched around his face, which was also painted green. My mom and dad were perplexed but supportive, so they complimented him on being so creative.

“What a cool, um, slug you are?”

They had no clue what he was supposed to be, but what is a parent to do? He looked as much like a slug as anything else. But they were wrong.

Tony exasperatedly replied, “No, Mo-om. I’m the Jolly Green Giant’s foot.

And there you have it, folks. Proof that my harebrainedness is purely genetics.

I do have to note that my brother claims that it was actually my mom’s idea, but what’s that saying—“History is told by the victors?” Well, I suppose the modern sentiment is that “[family] history is told by the mothers,” so #momfacts win every time. ;) And since I’ve heard this story practically every Halloween that I can recall (“Remember the time Tony was the Jolly Green Giant’s foot?”), that’s the story that I’m sticking to.

I mention this random Aquilio family lore this year in particular because I can’t help but think that this year will be E.V.’s “Jolly Green Giant’s foot.” :) I mean, the girl loves her some face paint for sure, but this costume is so random that I’m sure when they’re 35 we’re going to be sitting around a dinner table laughing “about the time E.V. was an island for Halloween.” And I can’t wait!


Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.18.17 PMIMG_8513

Te Fiti

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.18.50 PMIMG_8267

IMG_8233 IMG_8239 IMG_8246 IMG_8248 IMG_8250 Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 11.58.58 AM IMG_8251 IMG_8252 IMG_8256 IMG_8258 IMG_8265 IMG_8286 IMG_8289 IMG_8295 IMG_8297 IMG_8299IMG_8304 IMG_8307 IMG_8310 IMG_8313IMG_8321 IMG_8323 IMG_8331 IMG_8333 IMG_8335 IMG_8346 IMG_8352 IMG_8363 IMG_8371 IMG_8373 Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 12.34.40 PM IMG_8376 IMG_8397 IMG_8408 IMG_8411 IMG_8414 IMG_8417 IMG_8420 IMG_8426IMG_8432 IMG_8444 IMG_8446 IMG_8451 IMG_8458 IMG_8461 IMG_8469 IMG_8472 IMG_8480 IMG_8502 IMG_8506 IMG_8515

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