It’s heeere!

I love that it’s feminine and vintage-y.

Three years ago I saw a lady strolling her baby around the mall with a super cute diaper bag and thought to myself, “If I ever have a baby I HAVE to have that bag!”  A little bit of snooping and internet-searching paid off, and I discovered the then-not-so-crazy-popular brand Petunia Pickle Bottom.  Now, of course, it’s everywhere, and I’m obsessed with the diaper bags.  I’ve been keeping an eye on The Bag for a while, and it’s from a collection of theirs that hasn’t changed much over the past few years. When I found out I was pregnant, my friends joked that I could finally get The Bag, but I wanted to wait a bit to decide on a color (blue or yellow).

In January I had decided, boy or girl, to go with yellow (do I have a yellow thing lately? maybe…). I put the diaper bag in my cart, then faulted: Surely they’ll offer free shipping or a Spring sale or something.  At the end of February (when I hadn’t gotten any sale notifications from PPB), I decided to pull the trigger–and discovered that my decision to wait was a bad one.

The Bag was gone! And I mean gone. Like, sold out at, Amazon, eBay, all the children’s online stores…I even called the physical stores (like Koo Koo Bear Kids) that sold The Bag. Gone.  I was so annoyed–at myself.  THREE years of stalking, and I missed it by a couple of weeks? Arg.

I contacted their customer service to double check that they didn’t have any hiding in the warehouse (they didn’t), and the (wonderfully helpful) representative tipped me off that they had the yellow fabric in a different style bag in-stock and were having an outlet sale coming up.  I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to get the actual bag style I wanted (it was like a doctor’s bag, the available one is more box-shaped), but when the sale happened, it was cheap enough that I could get a diaper bag and matching clutch for less than The Bag.

And it just came in!  It’s not exactly what I had wanted, but in retrospect it is a bit more functional (read: bigger) and I love it and can’t wait to use it soon!

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