La Kermesse 2018 (“Alouette”)


Last night our sweet little school hosted “La Kermesse,” a festival celebrating French speaking cultures and countries.

Instead of hosting a fall festival to raise money for the whole school, at ICSA, each language track (French, Spanish, German and Mandarin) hosts their own festival throughout the year to raise money to support that specific department. One of E.V.’s French teachers is from West Africa, so our class celebrated the region. All the volunteers cooked tons of yummy food (Cricket fell in love with couscous, madeleines, and Nutella), and our teacher’s husband and son hosted a djembe class as our part of the festival. (Emma Vance passed on the food and spent just about all of her tickets on djembe, and now she’s obsessed. Anyone know where I can get a cheap djembe? And maybe some ear plugs?)

Each grade also prepared a song to perform. The French kindergarten classes sang “Alouette,” a familiar song that has now become permanently ingrained in my brain. ;) Seriously, she has been singing it nonstop for WEEKS. Emma Vance and her classmates were adorable, and E.V. curtsied at the end (the highlight for this mama).

We love our school! (And our French track!)

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