Legacies of AXO


I predict that at some point in the future, circa fall of 2030, Emma Vance will be entering her freshman year at the University of Georgia. It’ll be a sweltering hot August morning when she treks out to visit the sorority houses down Milledge and Lumpkin with a thousand other Greek hopefuls, and when she crosses the threshold into the Alpha Chi Omega foyer, the girls will be waiting for her. (Most likely in yellow dresses, right??) First and foremost will be her friend, Ivy, who is a year older and will surely be pulling for her. Ivy will have spent the entire week prior singing E.V.’s praises to her sisters (as much as E.V. will be telling her fellow PNMs about “her good friend at AXO who is awesome“), and plastered to the kitchen wall will be a big, artistic (of course) poster with E.V.’s grinning face from her senior portraits. Oh, and these pictures — which will surely convince the other Alpha Chis of E.V.’s inherit amazingness…and Ivy’s, too. An early shared love for sparklers, limes, popsicles, cupcakes and, um, hugs will surely be the topic of conversation during her visits to 1064 South Lumpkin Street.

The only other alternative I can foresee is Emma Vance crossing the yard at Harvard or stage at Juilliard. I’d also consider either of those outcomes acceptable. ;)

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