Less than an Inch Counts (Here in the South)


Yesterday afternoon E.V. and Cricket were in the throes of playing dress up when I spotted a light dusting of snow out the window. Ariel and Cheer Bear ran down the stairs as quickly as their tiny toddler legs could carry them and eagerly waited at the door for their jackets. Unfortunately the zipping up took longer than the snow flurries lasted, and there was nothing but chilly wind by the time we got outside. Needless to say, both girls were supremely disappointed. (We all were.)

Then a (Georgia) miracle happened. Ryan and I went into a movie at 7 p.m. and when we emerged — it had snowed! Like legitimately snowed! (Ironically, we had just seen “The Revenant,” which takes place in the wintery white North, so it felt extra appropriate for our mindset.)

I had mentioned to Emma Vance that it might snow more overnight, so this morning when I told her that I had a surprise for her, it only took three guess for her to ask if it had snowed. (“Unicorn” and “rainbow” were her first two choices.) In the early hours of the morning, we bundled up and trudged into our front yard to see the dusting that had accumulated overnight. It was extremely windy and the grass was more ice than snow, so we headed in for breakfast, and while I scrambled up some eggs, Ryan showed Emma Vance how to make coffee.

There were a few more adventures out into the snow of our back porch during the morning. The girls made snow angels and a snowman — well, actually it was so tiny that E.V. deemed it a “snow baby” and the girls entertained themselves gathering baby clothes and toys for it to play with. And then they gave him a bottle and fed him baby food. (#girlmom) At one point Emma Vance decided she wanted to eat snowflakes, so the girls trudged back outside to scoop them up. At this point the wind had died down and the sun had come out, so it wasn’t blistering cold. Thus, when Cricket brought me her Cheer Bear suit and asked to wear it (and a set of Ariel heels) out to gather snowflakes, I didn’t argue. And I didn’t freak out when she decided to make another snow angel in her under-dressed outfit either. What is it that those crazy kids say these days? You only live once? ;)

This may be our only snow day in 2016, and if so, we can at least say that we enjoyed it. The less-than-an-inch of snow may make my Northern friends scoff, but in the South, it counts! Happy winter everyone!

Yesterday there was a very quick snow flurry, and we were eager to get on our coats to go outside…

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…but it was too late, and we were all sad. :(

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This morning, though, we woke up to a BIG surprise! SNOW!NO1_2522 X1001535X1001537NO1_2532 NO1_2536X1001539

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