Mid-Winter Break / Fernbank


I was planning on spending a few days in Orlando to visiting my grandmother during this odd mid-winter break, but (since I’m still 15 years old in her mind, haha) she got so worried about my driving 8 hours alone with her precious great granddaughters that she begged us not to come. So, after much back and forth, we ended up in town with no real plans for our 5-day vacay.

Since it’s been raining off and on, cold off and on, boring off and on ;), we headed to Fernbank today with some dear friends. It was the girls’ first time visiting the museum, and one of the few visits I’ve made since prom circa 2000. (True story.) It wasn’t quite as crowded as I had feared, and the girls loved learning about bacteria and dinosaurs, so win-win!

We’ve got one more day to go before mid-winter break is over, and no big plans so far. But weather calls for rain (again), soooo…something indoors (again)? Sigh.

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