Milestone: Rolling Over!


My little thumb-sucker!

Although the past week was all about Emma Vance and her big birthday, Cricket proved herself to be one baby who won’t be put in a corner. On E.V.’s birthday, much to my surprise, Kit rolled over for the first time!

I was hastily getting ready in the bathroom with Cricket laying at my feet and Emma Vance playing in the sink next to me. Cricket is a super strong baby and has been able to hold her big ol’ noggin’ up since Day One it seems. She’s a fan of sitting straight up and loves her Bumbo, and when she’s laid out flat, she’s constantly doing baby crunches to attempt to pull herself up. When she sleeps she¬†has to be on her side, and so early-on she started rolling from her side to either her belly or her back. However, the morning of E.V.’s second birthday, Cricket¬†went from back-to-belly, a full 180-degree turn! Since I was busy in the bathroom mirror, when she began screaming and crying out of nowhere, it took me a minute to realize what had happened; when I had originally laid her down, she was on her back, but when I looked down, there she was on her belly, head up as if she was ready to crawl away! She had finally turned herself over, and her success had frightened her to tears. ;)

Emma Vance took her very first steps on her first birthday. On June 27, 2013, I would have NEVER been able to predict that exactly one year later I’d be holding a second little lady in my arms, and definitely that the little lady would follow in her big sister’s “footsteps” of hitting developmental milestones on milestone days. What a difference a year makes!

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