Um, I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what they mean by “teething toys,” E.V.
Plus, I’m pretty sure Olive would like her rawhide chip back…

Why is it that we can spend oodles of money on fancy-schmancy toys, geared to educate and inspire our children, only to find that babies mostly want to play with things that they shouldn’t play with? I suppose it’s really because everything in this big ol’ world is new (and thus fascinating) to them. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s indicative of our human nature, where the inherent “Don’t touch!”-ness of an object makes it that much more enticing.

Emma Vance is no exception, and so Ryan and I have been trying to find balance in her exploration. Straws at restaurants? Sure, go ahead if it’ll keep you occupied and quiet. Invoices from customers that I accidentally left within reach of baby hands? Oops. No! No touch! My bad… Dog toys? Well, if they can’t play with your toys, Emma Vance, then you shouldn’t play with theirs. These days she’s enthralled with the simplest of objects, and now that she’s crawling around like a pro, she’s into everything. Too bad MOST of the items she chooses to play with aren’t her wonderfully appropriate toys, but rather things that I’m constantly taking away from her. Sorry, girl, not until you learn some self control… :)

Mom’s jewelry? Well, if it doesn’t have small parts, I suppose it’s okay…hey, wait a minute! Where did you get that???

Although I do appreciate your enthusiasm for the new books I just bought you, next time maybe we can read
one the whole way through before you tear out a page, okay? Oh, THAT’S why they make board books…duh.

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