Not-So-Total Eclipse


Yesterday E.V. went to half a day of school, as did Cricket, in honor of the Great American Eclipse. In our city, north of Atlanta, we were expected to get 97% coverage, which seemed super exciting. Thankfully we were not totally fanatical about the event because it turns out, when it comes to solar eclipses, it’s all or nothing. #hindsight

So, it turns out, our 97% really just felt like a cloudy day, but it was still cool to look up through our eclipse glasses (thank you, Ryan’s mom!) and see the changing shape of the sun. Plus, we are very fortunate to have great friends that we shared the afternoon with. Our kids ran around while the sun waned and waxed, and when there was an air of disappointment, an impromptu slip ‘n slide party cheered everyone up. (Although E.V. was sore that she wasn’t allowed to take off her shirt like her friend, Ethan. #girlprobs). No one went blind, too, so bonus. ;)

IMG_9630IMG_9667 IMG_9661 IMG_9649 IMG_9646IMG_9634IMG_9663 IMG_9645IMG_9647IMG_9675IMG_9679IMG_9693 IMG_9695 IMG_9699 IMG_9709 IMG_9713 IMG_9714 IMG_9724 IMG_9732

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