Nursery Update: Inspiration

No, we’re not doing a bird theme, but I LOVE these colors!

I had a moment of panic last week. For the longest time, I’ve always imagined having a little girl’s nursery done in yellows and neutrals (brown). While Ryan’s been traveling, I’ve been working on pulling all of my nursery thoughts together (moving out our guest room furniture, painting the walls, hanging the curtains and accessories, etc.), and I walked into the almost-done room the other day and thought, “Well this is drab.”

And then I panicked.  First of all, since the walls had to be beige, I lost a lot of potential color and “airiness” that an actual color would’ve brought to the room, and thus my yellow accessories and bedding didn’t really do “enough” to brighten up the room.  Fail.  Then, I thought to myself, “What if my yellow phase is ending (which, yes, has happened with various colors I’ve used in our home before) and I’m stuck with only yellow and brown?”  Potential fail.  And then the final straw–the rug.

I thought that maybe finding an amazing yellow rug would solve at least my first problem, so I started searching. Not surprisingly, they’re really hard to come by, especially not a “gold” rug.  I did find a couple that I thought would be great, but the issue of my ottoman arose. My bedding fabric is a watercolor paisley pattern, with lots of yellow tones in it. I was so excited to find a mustard-yellow tufted ottoman that perfectly matched the darkest yellow in the fabric, BUT (remembering that I need “airiness” to the room) all of the potential rugs I found were lighter yellow and wouldn’t look great right next to the mustard ottoman.

As I grew a bit more frustrated at the rock-and-hard-place I had gotten myself into, I began to open up to the idea of adding more color…and ran across this bird nest at Casa Bella in Marietta.  Voila inspiration!  Our house already has a lot of chartreuse and tiffany blue (my two favorite colors) in it, so I bought the bird nest, grabbed a couple of extraneous accessories for a “test run,” and I love it.

So, our direction has changed a bit, or rather grown.  I’m still working on gathering a rug, new curtains and colorful throw pillows to make the space brighter, so I won’t be done quite as fast as I thought, but I think in the long run I’ll be happier.  The jury is still out for Ryan, who hasn’t abandoned the idea of only yellow, but I think that once I get all of my fabric elements in place, he’ll see the light. :)

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